Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Taking It to the Limit

The Tea Party debate last night was a barrel of laughs. They ganged up on poor ole' Rick Perry, but they also showed how far out they could go. Perry said it wasn't realistic to build a fence from one end of Texas all the way to the coast. But of course you can, they replied. Gotta keep those brown skinned people outta here. Well, Perry then doubled down. What you need, he says, is 4500 border guards and maybe some National Guard troops. Yeah, I'll go for that too. Maybe arm 'em all with automatic rifles. That ought to keep them out.

I loved Mittens too. He decided we should not tax dividends, or interest income or capital gains. Yeah, I'll go for that. Most people don't have any of it, but what the heck, one day we will all be rich, and it will be good if we didn't have to pay any taxes on all the money we're going to make. Don't you love it, that people agree that taxes should be low, even though they don't pay much themselves? They just expect one day they will be rich too. We all will.

Health care was another interesting topic. Of course, everyone agreed we should repeal Obamacare. But Perry just wanted to leave it to the states or write an executive order to kill it. Fuck no !! You gotta take it out by the roots, says Bachmann. And what do you do if a person is dying and he has no health insurance? Let him die the crowd said. Take it to the limit, baby.

And what shall we do with social security? It is unconstitutional, ya know. Well, leave it to the states. Or how about let people invest the money how they want. That's the old Bush scheme, I suppose. Wall Street will make us rich, just like they've done these last ten years?  Anybody bother to ask?

Take it all to the limit. That is the answer to everything. We don't need no stinking government, we don't want no stinking government and when we get there we won't have no stinking government.


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